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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Other options for your quilting frame laser light

QuilMotion software

Often when I am teach we talk about how the laser light can be attached to your machine in a few different locations.  The first option most of you know about is on the side of the lower carriage so that you will be able to quilt pantographs using rear handles.

When using a pantograph in the back of the frame I find myself being removed from you quilt.  My preference to is quilt from the front anytime it is possible.  The second option for the laser light is to attach it to the front of the machine. On the Baby Lock Crown Jewel you have an option for attaching the laser holder in this location. Great way to record with the ProStitcher and laser.

The third option for your laser light is to attach to the machine in the front.  The goal is to have the laser so that it will have the ability to have it shine down on the exact placement for the needle drop.  This is extremely helpful when needing to get very precise placement positions with borders and corner or joining designs. Remove your machine foot and slide the laser on the foot bar, replace foot and position the laser to the needle drop location.  I can add a picture of the laser placement tomorrow.  Somehow I missed taking a picture of it.

Laser Pointer is attached to the foot bar on the Crown Jewel
Laser positioned to show where needle lands in fabric

Users Manual instruction for the laser light

Laser light with attachment stylist and machine connection cable