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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making a Star Border on Your Quilt

Let's take a look at the simplest way to make a star border.  The process that you will be learning here can be used for edge to edge, borders and blocks. Start at the green dot and follow the lines and arrows to make a large zig zag.  The larger you make the zig zag the simpler the process will be.  Once you learn the steps you can make the stars any size. Tip start at the bottom of the zig zag and end on the bottom of the zig zag.

Step two starts at the red dot where you ended the zig zag.  The orange lines are the second step.  Start moving from bottom right line 1, line 2 and continue until you have a star.  Repeat for each zig zag creating the stars across the border.

Any size, any shape and anything goes. Enjoy!

Star light, star bright first star I quilt tonight,

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tips for loading on the Momentum frame by baby lock

These tips are some that I have found useful when quilting on the baby lock Crown Jewel II on the Momentum frame.  You may find these useful for you also if you are on the Momentum frame or another.

Momentum frame:
1.       Leaders
a.       18-20” is used on the take up rail
b.      9”is used on the backing rail
c.       26-27” is used on the top rail
2.       Loading leaders from the back for the take up rail
a.       Easier reach 
b.      Better visibility
c.       Keep things straight
3.       Load take up rail first
a.       Using pin (t or hat pins work best)
b.    Pin with two pins on the end going opposite direction for better security

If the Velcro is stitch on the back you may need to fold it over and re-stitch it in place.  This will help when rolling.  It will keep the leader from having a fold that does not always lay correctly.

You may need to do the 1st step for all three leaders.

Mark the center of each leader using a fabric pen.

Wind a bobbin in red and using the same red thread on the top stitch on the line you have just drawn. Straight stitch with small stitches works best.

Above is what your results should look like when you finish stitching each leader.

You may need a friend for this step.  They can help you hold the tape measure.  Or you can hold in place with painters tape.  Measure each frame rail.  Mark center.  We used blue painters tape on the store frame.  At home I used a fine line Sharpie red marker.

Shop frame showing the painters tape with center line marked.

With leader removed from frame pin backing to leaders. Once you have completed the pinning take the pieces to the frame.  Line up the center of take up rail with center of 18" leader. Repeat on the backing rail with the 9" leader.

Remember to send the fabric or leader through the opening of the dead rail. Fabric will be sandwiched between the two pieces of the dead bar.

Visual of the fabric and leader between the dead bar.

Secure both leader pieces to the bars with the Velcro.

You may find it easier to secure the leaders to the take up bar from the rear of the frame.

Open dead bar image. Showing how the leader will look in the dead bar.

Notice the leader is about half above the bar and below the bar. I tend to like more above the bar due to the 180 degree rotation of the bar once it is closed.

Close up of the locking mechanism on the Momentum frame. Black lock with silver pin will lock in place to close.

Start rolling and smooth as you go.

Continue until all backing has been loaded on the frame.  Keep the locks open once you start.  Note:The rails will only roll the correct way if the frame has been put together correct.

Once the backing is rolled you can then go back to the take up rail and the dead rail to complete the process.  Do the final roll and tension on the fabric with the locks unlocked.

Dead rail is rolled 180 degree.  This process is how the frame will keep tension on the quilt as you quilt.

Baste the top of the quilt to the backing and batting. Repeat pinning to the leaders with the top of the quilt.

Roll unless you like to float your top and batting.

Do the happy dance your are ready to quilt!
Happy Quilting,

Monday, May 19, 2014

New On Line Classes

New online classes have just been added to the schedule. Don't miss signing up for these classes.
Each class has a limit of 100 students. If we fill up we will add another class. 

Monday June 2 - 2:00pm EDT
Easy Positioning with Pantos
Lining up pantographs is not always the easiest task to do.  Learn how to position, nest and overlap your pantos like a pro.

Wednesday June 11 – 10:00am EDT
Connection the Corners and Borders
Have you ever tried connecting your corner to a border and it just wasn’t working right.  Denise will help take the worries out of your connections.

Tuesday June 17 – 2:00pm EDT
Turning Your Quilt
If you want control when quilting the side borders take this class.   Learn how to turn your quilt and line up the side borders much easier than setting the segments together as you roll.

Decorate Your Kitchen on the Frame
Create 4 placemats and a table runner all on the frame at the same time.  The Quilt Magician helps make these projects fun and easy.

Monday June 30 – 2:00pm EDT
Frame Quilting Minky, Fleece and Stretch Fabrics
If you have ever had the desire to quilt knits or stretch fabrics register today for this Webinar.   Learn ways to the stress out of stretch.

Tuesday July 8 – 2:00pm EDT
Piece Half Square Triangles on the Frame with the Quilt Magician
Denise has designed a way to make 100’s of half square triangles on the frame two fabrics and 1 line of stitching.  Register today to reserve your spot for this Webinar.

Monday July 14 – 10:00am EDT
Binding Can Be Stitch on the Frame!
Watch to see Denise stitch binding on a table runner at the frame.  With a few tools you can also do this process of binding on your frame at home.

Tuesday July 28 - 10:00am EDT
Flip and Sew
Have you ever paper pieces or flipped and sewed at your sewing machine.  If you would like a quick and easy way to piece a quilt this may be the class for you.  Piece a quilt on the frame in an afternoon.
Registration URL:

Happy Quilting,