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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Steps for setting your machine up for free motion!


After teaching class at Sew Expo in Puyallup, Washington I found there are many new free motion quilters out there looking to have more information. So, as promised here are a few best practices when setting your machine up for free motion.
  1. Drop Feed Dogs- if you have an older machine or straight stitch you may need to cover your feed dogs.  Some machine do not have feed dogs, it would be a free motion only machine.
  2.  If available using a straight stitch plate with stitch width safety gives your best quality stitch.
  3. Select needle stop down if your computer has this option.
  4. When starting out learning free motion it may be easier to set your speed at a medium level.
  5. Change your foot to a free motion foot.  There are a variety of feet to choose from.  You will find one that works best for your and the technique you are doing.
  6. New needle  is best with every quilt. My preference for needles is MicroTex 90/14.
  7. Lower your foot pressure to 0 and stitch length to 0.  If your machine sets everything up for you these items may be adjusted for you. 
Happy Quilting,